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Love You 10,000 Years

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Wu Qi Feng played by Vic Zhou is the vocalist if the local rock band called “Monkey Elecric Boy Band”. Wu has always been unlucky in love, and never dated a girl longer than 3 months. Sakurada played by Kato Youki is ...

See You After School

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See You After School (AKA Rooftop After School) is a 2006 South Korean comical melodrama about typical loser's zero to hero conquest. Cast Bong Tae-gyu ... Goong-dahl Koo-yeon Jeong ... Min-ah Ha S...

The Beast and the Beauty

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It involves voice-actor Dong-gun (Ryu Seung-beom), whose blind girlfriend Hae-ju (Shin Min-a) suddenly receives surgery to regain her eyesight. Having lied to Hae-ju about his appearance, the beastly Dong-gun chooses ...

My Boyfriend is Type B

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My Boyfriend is Type B (Hangul: B형 남자친구; RR: B-hyeong namja chingu) is a South Korean romantic comedy film from the year 2005. The basic premise of the film comes from the Japanese blood type theory of personalit...

A Light Sleep

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Sixteen-year-old Yeo Lin used to have a boyfriend and normal life, but everything changed when she lost both her parents two years ago. To support her siblings, she sells her body. Quietly bearing wounds and res...

City of the Rising Sun

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City of the Rising Sun- part 1 City of the Rising Sun- part 2 A psuedo sequel to �Beat�. This is about two young men who want to find the meaning of their lives. Do Chul is a boxer who never wins a game. While try...

Grand Chef Le

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Grand Chef Le - Part 1 Grand Chef Le - Part 2 A young, supremely talented chef has quit the profession after a disastrous meal involving the poisonous golden blowfish. However when a nationwide cooking competition...

Good Morning President

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Good Morning President - Part 1 Good Morning President - Part 2 The film takes viewers to the private quarters of the Blue House during the terms of three fictional presidents. Kim Jong-ho wins the lottery just...

Girl X Girl

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Girl X Girl - Part 1 Girl X Girl - Part 2 A model student and a troublemaker fall in love with the same guy. The troublemaker lies to the model student, telling her that the guy likes wild girls. So the model stu...

10 Promises To My Dog

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10 Promises To My Dog - Part 1 10 Promises To My Dog - Part 2 A teenage girl adopts a homeless puppy and names it "Socks". They take care of each others since then, until one day when she is thinking Socks to be...

Detective Mr. Gong Pil-Doo

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Detective Mr. Gong Pil-Doo - Part 1 Detective Mr. Gong Pil-Doo - Part 2 GONG Pil-du is a detective recruited for his athletic skills and achievement, a bronze Universiade medalist in wrestling. Since then, how...

Family Matters

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Family Matters - Part 1 Family Matters - Part 2 USE Winamp Player to play the movie Written and directed by Nam Seon Ho, the hilarious domestic comedy Family Matters revolves around the problematic life of a ma...

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